Who by Numbers

This is a signed limited edition serigraph by John Entwistle. “Who by Numbers” was John’s first creation to be seen publicly and is the image on THE WHO album cover of the same name.
John’s story behind the image is quite funny: “We were all expected to create the art for one of our albums, Pete commissioned an artist to create the Quadrophenia album cover art, and it cost the band 40,000 pounds. We could buy a small house in London for that price! So I decided to make the art for our next album. I watched my son Christopher draw in one of those connect the dots coloring books and the idea was born –  it cost the band 40.00 pounds.”

Product Details

Edition: Limited Edition

Edition of: 350

Medium: Lithograph

Signed? Signed

Framed? Unframed

Height 29.5"

Width: 29"


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