Peace From Within

Peace From Within was the second in the series of figurative nudes created by Tico and is his most recent limited edition serigraph. This symbolic piece pays tribute to those that most influenced his life—his mother and grandmother. Introspective and serene, this image evokes emotions from a time past. Torres has created a modern art piece while drawing inspiration from the masters. This exclusive limited-edition serigraph of only 95 prints, Peace From Within, is a 60 color serigraph printed by the celebrated Eyvind Earle Studios.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Bon Jovi toured worldwide almost continuously. When the band would arrive in a different country or city Tico would seek out an artist in that area, meet with them and watch them create. This gave Tico the inspiration and courage to branch out and explore different styles and techniques. Therefore, he has created a diverse body of work. Perfect examples are his traditional figurative works like Peace from Within; his abstract works with the combination of patterns and colors like Sound of Music; and finally, his cityscapes like Quiet City all draw on his exposure to those artists.

Product Details

Edition: Limited Edition

Edition of: 95

Medium: Serigraph

Signed? Signed

Framed? Unframed

Height 29.5"

Width: 28"


In stock

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