Grace Slick Blotter

Blotter art: originally was an art form printed on perforated sheets of absorbent blotting paper infused with liquid LSD. The delivery method gained popularity after banning the hallucinogen LSD in the late 1960s. Graphics on blotter sheets originated as an underground art form in the early 1970s, sometimes to help identify the dosage, maker, or batch of LSD. Blotter art frequently incorporates themes common to psychedelic art, using bright, contrasting colors and repeating patterns in its designs. Cartoon characters were often exhibited, and many examples contain religious and mystical imagery or pay homage to figures in the psychedelia subculture.

The Photographer: Herb Greene took the concept of real LSD Blotter and printed some of his most iconic images on blotter paper without adding LSD! Herb moved to the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960’s. He ended up teaming with hippies and musicians in the Haight Asbury neighborhood. One day, he met Jerry Garcia at a bluegrass café, and the two became friends. Greene booked a portrait session with Garcia’s band, The Warlocks, later renamed the Grateful Dead. Greene became friends with many of the era’s musicians and photographed many. 

Grace Slick: The only way to describe Grace is in her own words. “Grace Slick doesn’t care what you think. The Queen of Acid Rock, one of the original architects of the counter-cultural revolution in the United States of the 1960s, has always done what she wanted…She reigned over Rock and Roll for three decades with three bands – Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship. She also enjoyed a successful solo career –notching multiple gold and platinum records and earning handfuls of top 40 hits. Grace’s exploits as a rock and roller are well documented. Grace devoutly followed her generation’s “Free Love” ethos and pursued affairs with, well, anyone she wanted except for Jimi Hendrix. Somehow, that one got away. If you wish to know all the dirty details, please read her autobiography Somebody to Love? The image was taken at Herb’s apartment in the Haight. The wall was the backdrop to many of his portraits.

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Edition: Limited Edition

Edition of: 100

Medium: Giclée on Paper

Signed? Signed

Framed? Unframed

Height 8"

Width: 8"


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