Cats Under the Stars Print by Stanley Mouse

Released in 1978, Cats Under the Stars was the Jerry Garcia Band’s only studio-released album. The same year the Cats album was released, the Grateful Dead played in Egypt. Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead spearheaded a project to play concerts at places of power; the Egyptian pyramids were the number one choice. The Egyptian imagery was so powerful that it influenced much of the art that was to come. The Cats Under the Stars album was a turning point for Mouse and Garcia. Garcia broke away from the Grateful Dead, and Stanley broke away from Kelly, creating the album art as a solo artist. You can see the Cat image everywhere, from hats to tattoos.

Stanley received formal training at Detroit’s School for the Society of Arts and Crafts, which is connected to the Detroit Art Museum. He dropped out to follow a higher calling to do rock posters in San Francisco during the sixties wartime era of social revolution, political passion, and musical innovation. History was made when Stanley met Alton Kelley – they collaborated for over 15 years and changed the course of advertising art forever. Two of their most famous images, one featuring Zig Zag cigarette rolling papers and another, the Grateful Dead skeleton and roses motif, became symbols of a generation.

The image of Cats Under the Stars is synonymous with the Grateful Dead. Along with Alton Kelley, Stanley crafted the visual imagery that embodies the Grateful Dead. In fact, anyone who sees the images of Cats Under the Stars, Skull and Roses, and Steal Your Face immediately knows it is all about Jerry Garcia and the Dead. This is a must-have for any Dead Head collection.

Number 253 out of an edition of 500. Signed and numbered by the artist. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Product Details

Edition: Limited Edition

Edition of: 500

Medium: Giclée on Paper

Signed? Signed

Framed? Unframed

Height 22"

Width: 17"

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“Skeleton and Roses” Limited Edition Poster by Stanley Mouse.

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