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Traveling on a High Frequency 1978-2008 by Jay Blakesberg

Traveling On a High Frequency by Jay Blakesberg: The book is 304 pages of pure rock and roll intensity created where light and motion, energy and magic all collide together and crystallize on a piece of film. This photographic journey includes images Jay Blakesberg made as NJ teenager in the late 1970’s of such diverse artists as Muddy Waters, Crosby Stills & Nash, and The Grateful Dead

After his arrival in San Francisco in the mid 1980’s, this serious hobby transformed into a career. A 1987 assignment for Rolling Stone Magazine photographing a free U2 concert in downtown San Francisco was just the beginning. The photographs in this book will take you on an exciting journey thru 3 decades of rock and roll seen thru the eyes of Jay Blakesberg.

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Product Details

Edition of 1000
Width: 9.5"
Height: 13.25"


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