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Thunderfingers: Best of John Entwistle

Thunderfingers – The Best of John Entwistle: As a solo artist separate from the Who, John Entwistle has never been more than a cult figure. His solo music rocks harder than Pete Townshend’s, and, at least initially, what he lacked as a singer he more than makes up for in the sheer weirdness of his lyrics.

This 18-song collection may make a few converts, showcasing the best songs from five albums cut between 1971 through 1981. The five songs off Smash Your Head Against the Wall are the best tracks here…” -All Music. For fans of The Ox” this is a vital addition to your collection.

Ships in 3-5 business days.

Product Details

Open Edition
Width: 5.5"
Height: 5"


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