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About the

Art of Rock
and Roll

A love story.

Rock and Roll was not in the mission statement, Rock and Roll Art was not part of the business plan, but very quickly it became the main focus for Walnut Street Gallery. Bill and Laura Eveleigh started Walnut Street Gallery in 1989 with a simple vision to bring internationally and nationally known contemporary artists to the Fort Collins, Colorado area. However, within a month of opening their gallery they were working with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and Baron Wolman, the first chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine. The gallery hosted their first show for Ronnie and Baron in the fall of 1989 and it was an overwhelming success.

The collectors embraced this new art form with a vengeance and the Eveleigh’s decided to take their show on the road. Traveling to cities where rock bands were playing for several days, Walnut Street Gallery set up mini galleries near the concert venues. So hop on our magic bus and enjoy the visual art created for and inspired by The Art of Rock and Roll®. This is your chance to own a piece of Rock and Roll history!
Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman

In 1989 we started working with Baron Wolman, who happens to be an old family friend. We had many shows with him over the years and our clients adored him and collected his photographs with enthusiasm. We did photography exhibits all over the country with Baron, published art with him and we even traveled to Mexico City to help him with a show there.

Sadly, in November of 2020 Baron passed away from ALS. He has left a hole in the hearts of many.

When he passed, he was working on selling his entire archive...

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Bill Kreutzmann, Belvedere St. Studio, San Francisco, CA 1969, by Baron Wolman.

Bill Kreutzmann

In January of 2002 Bill Kreutzmann, the drummer for the Grateful Dead contacted us and asked if we were interested in selling his artwork and doing some shows with him. He had heard about our gallery thru Vince Dibiasi, Jerry Garcia’s personal manager. Because we had been involved in all aspects of the visual imagery surrounding the Grateful Dead it was a natural progression for us. We had, by 2002, amassed hundreds of collectors that sole focus was collecting anything Grateful Dead.

Our first show with Bill was March 22, 2002, and it was an incredible success. It was a...

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